Welcome to Surfer Joe
If you bought a new pair of boardshorts this summer because they headlined the brand's 2007 line or the colors reminded you of 1976, stop here. Surfer Joe is not for you.

If you surf because the water is warm, there are chicks at the beach and you'll get a tan, again, Surfer Joe is not for you.

And if you wear surfie-brand clothing because you live near the coast and black logo'd t-shirts are fun right now, he doesn't want anything to do with you.

For those few who surf because it's in your blood and soul and who want gear that isn't going to be out of style, faded or broken by next year, Surfer Joe welcomes you.

Surfer Joe has pirates and mermaids in his bloodline. He has circumnavigated the globe on a raft with only a sundial, a 40-year old Weber and a case of beer for company. He catches Marlin and Tuna with his bare hands. He makes William Wallace look like a sissy. And he doesn't drive a yellow SUV with soft-racks or a microbus with floral-print seat covers; that rusted '49 Ford Woody is his.

Surfer Joe reckons you can do better than shopping for your next pair of boardshorts on Main Street and invites you understand why.

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