The Ambition
Surfer Joe is resolute in his mission to make durable and lasting goods available to the surfer and to keep his focus on the individual. Rather than trying to jumpstart new trends, Surfer Joe has kept his work simple and straightforward and has never lost focus of this standard:

"Providing quality that a surfer can count on is built on consistency and designed with simplicity."

That said, you will always recognize Surfer Joe's gear as being made to last, and you won't find yourself buying into a new style or fad next year. "We're not about mass-marketing. This is about core and timeless designs for the core surfer," Surfer Joe explains.

In staying consistent with his drive to keep his gear exclusive and while catering to fellow core surfers, Surfer Joe's lineup will always be produced in limited numbers. "If we have a run of boardshorts early in a given year, that will probably be it for that year." Core surfers will be able to keep away from a corporate market that has suffered a deluge of low-quality products for years. Surfer Joe's gear doesn't look like the trendy clothing cranked out by "umbrella" companies and will outlast it with classic and enduring designs and superior craftsmanship. The idea being, quality over quantity.

For more information please contact us at:

Surfer Joe Industries
P.O. Box 1273
Sunset Beach, CA 90742

Office: 562-592-4200